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June 2, 2021
2/5.00 reviews

I called the local VEC and left a message this am I was called back. The manager was just plain indifferent and a little rude. My son needs help finding employment and filing for unemployment I called the local office and was informed that they aren’t open to the public at this time. I was told to go to another office maybe Roanoke or Danville which she wasn’t even sure was open to the public. That’s almost an hour away. She couldn’t really answer any of my questions and it was clear she didn’t want to. The answers she did give were very snappy. What are you supposed to do if you can’t go/ get to any other offices? How are you to get any help, training, finding work, etc because calling any of the numbers will get you nowhere fast. Lady folks are stressed out enough if I wasn’t being rude to you, you should not have been to me.

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