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Location : 27 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow G1 3AJ

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Horrible Services

February 2, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

I used to go in The Social very often during my student years. The service was always horrible, but the location is great, so I kept on going there for years. Until I got kids. Now, could someone please reply to this: It is second weekend that I try to sit OUTSIDE in the afternoon (around 5pm) with my kids. Twice I am refused seating OUTSIDE, although we are 5 adults and 2 kids and the second time we wanted to sit in the quiet area OUTSIDE across the path. The explanation of your employees is that we cannot sit with the kids, because this is a late night venue serving alcohol and the kids are allowed only if all of the adults purchase full main meal!!!! Once again, we were there around 5pm in the afternoon. I understand that you have the right to refuse seating, but seriously?!? I have been discriminated few times in my life, I have evidenced discrimination many times for many reasons, but never ever for having kids. At lease train your employees not to tell that this is the law, because if it was the case then I wouldn’t be allowed with my kids everywhere else in the city until 10pm. You are the only place in Glasgow and surroundings that ever refused seating to me in the afternoon because I have kids. And believe me I have been to many.


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