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Spark Driver Customer Service Complaint

September 7, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

My recent encounter with Spark Driver customer service left much to be desired. What should have been a straightforward resolution turned into a frustrating ordeal that exposed their lack of professionalism and care.

I booked a Spark Driver for a crucial business meeting, expecting a seamless experience as a regular user of ride-sharing services. However, the driver arrived with a dirty and unpleasant-smelling car. When I raised my concerns, the driver dismissively said, “It’s not my problem; take it or leave it.” This was my first sign of trouble with Spark Driver’s customer service.

Despite my reservations, I proceeded with the ride, hoping it was an isolated incident. Unfortunately, the driver took an unnecessarily long route, causing me to be late. Communication was difficult due to the driver’s limited language skills.

Upon reaching my destination, I contacted Spark Driver customer service to report the subpar service. I expected a prompt and professional resolution but was met with an indifferent representative more interested in ending the call quickly. Promises of an investigation went unfulfilled.

Weeks passed with no response from Spark Driver customer service, and my follow-up attempts were met with vague responses and excuses. It was evident they had no intention of addressing my complaint.

The final blow came with a notification charging me for the ride despite the issues I had faced. The customer service agent I contacted was shockingly unhelpful and unapologetic, even suggesting I had fabricated the entire ordeal.

In conclusion, my experience with Spark Driver customer service was a nightmare. Their dismissive attitude, lack of accountability, and failure to address my concerns left me deeply dissatisfied. I hope others are spared from such a dismal experience with this company’s customer service.


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