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I need good healthcare please

September 7, 2020
2/5.00 reviews

The hospital continues to be an issue I went to the Er 9/5/20220. They were nasty they have no bedside demeanor or at least refuse to use any when it comes to me. They talk smack about me at the nurse’s station which often times I overhear much of whats said more offten than not. They always talk down to me and are talking snappy I try my best not to respond back because oh believe I can be really nasty when I want to be but here lately with the help of the Lord I’ve been playing it cool lucky for them. I am blunt and straight forward with them but I always say no sir or mam and thank you and what to no avail of course. I might not give them all the respect they feel they want but I give more then they give me and more than is deserved for sure. Maybe have they ever stopped to think that it’s an I don’t trust you thing because you have let me down more than once thing anyway. We need more competition up through this whole area because the hospitals here don’t care because they know you don’t have too many places to choose from really.


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