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Sonic Drive-IN / Given wrong order/poor customer service/man

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Monday night, September 16, 2019, at approximately 8:05 p.m., I drove to the drive-thru window. The line was moving extremely slow; and when I got to the speaker to place my order, I ordered two corn dogs and a small chocolate shake. Upon my arrival at the “Pick-Up window”, I had another extended wait after paying for my order and being given the chocolate shake I ordered. After finally being given what was said to be the two corn dogs I ordered, I drove away. Approximately 1 block away, I decided to taste one of the corn dogs I had ordered. Disappointingly, there were no corn dogs in the bag that had been given to me; instead the bag contained mozzarella cheese sticks w/ranch dressing. I immediately turned my car around to return to Sonic. Once again I was greeted with a long drive-thru line. So, I pulled into one of the car-hop lanes, pushed the button and waited and waited. No car hop came. I then pulled out and took my place in the long line ahead of me. When I finally got to the speaker, I just sat and sat and sat as the line behind me continued to grow. I then decided to pull directly to the “pick-up window”. By this time, I was frustrated and quite disappointed with the service. I told the Sonic representative working the window about the incorrect order I had been given and to just give me a refund, at that point. Also, considering the time, inconvenience, and frustration I had endured, I felt the entire order ($5.38) should be refunded. He spoke to a young person who finally came to the window and later identified herself at the manager. I again shared my having to return to Sonic, wait thru another long line to return my incorrect order and again stated that I felt that my entire should be refunded based on my loss of time and inconvenience. She stated she could only refund my entire order if I returned the small chocolate shake. (NOTE: Please remember the lengthy wait I had to place my order and the additional lengthy wait I had to return the incorrect order–it is now about 8:50 p.m.) I immediately handed the partially consumed shake to her and asked her name. She said, “Morgan”. I then asked for her last name to which she stated. “Baxter”. As I was writing “Baxter”, she began spelling it to me. I told her that I knew how to spell “Baxter”. She then replied that she wanted to make sure I spelled it correctly. At that point, I shared that I did not need her to make sure I spelled anything correctly. (Keep in mind that during all this, the line of cars behind me is continuing to grow longer). The employee who handed me the incorrect order, was standing beside Ms Baxter laughing as though he was amused by the exchange. If this does not exemplify the customer service that may be expected by Sonic customers, I respectfully suggest that this manager be re-trained. Her lack of concern for customer satisfaction and her “service with a smirk” attitude will certainly cause Sonic to lose business; and will definitely not lend her to being an effective managerial leader.

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