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Skyking Courier Tracking Complaint

July 19, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

My cousin shipped me a package through SkyKing Courier more than two weeks ago, but I have not yet gotten it. She was the one who suggested to me about using the SkyKing Courier & SkyKing Courier Tracking service. As she has been using their services for a while now. To be honest, I have never heard about them before.

My cousin lived around The British India Street location in Kolkata. Which was identified as the departure point for this shipment. Whereas Mumbai was the destination location where I am living right now.

The package was apparently prepared for shipment on July 3 from Kolkata to Mumbai. However, my package has not yet been delivered to the location specified in its order. Generally, the package should have arrived at my Mumbai location by now. But there is no trace of it anywhere. I have been constantly checking Skyking Courier Tracking Service but there is no update or any kind of information about my package.

In addition to that, I tried to contact them, but I haven’t received an answer to it either. I’m getting increasingly frustrated. The Skyking Courier Tracking Service could not care less about this matter in any way.

The customer care offered by the Skyking courier tracking service is, in my opinion, among the absolute worst examples of customer support.

I would appreciate it if you could provide me with any help, on the current status of my shipment with Skyking Courier and let me know when I should expect to have it in my possession. Thank you.
It is of the utmost importance.


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