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Ryder Truck Rental Complaint – Exceptionally Unsatisfactory Experience

May 12, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

Last weekend, I was required to transfer some furniture to my newly leased apartment. Which prompted me to rent a truck from Ryder truck rental company. As I had previously utilized the company’s services and had a decent experience. I did not hesitate to rent from them again. However, my recent experience was not satisfactory.

Upon arriving at the Ryder truck rental office, I discovered that the truck I had reserved was not available, despite booking it a week in advance. The staff member at the counter appeared disheveled and perplexed, and it took her more than an hour to locate a suitable truck. As I was already pressed for time, this delay was exasperating.

Eventually, when I finally acquired the truck, I realized that it was in a dismal state. The exterior was battered with dents and scratches, and the interior was fetid and grubby. Nevertheless, I had no alternative but to accept it. As I had already wasted too much time waiting for it.

As I commenced loading the truck with my furniture. I soon became aware that the cargo area was considerably smaller than I had anticipated. Although I had rented a truck that was supposed to accommodate my requirements, it was evident that it was not sufficient. Consequently, I had to make multiple trips to move all of my furniture, which proved to be a major inconvenience.

To add to my frustrations, when I returned the truck, the staff member who inspected it was exceptionally discourteous and unprofessional. She falsely accused me of damaging the truck, despite my innocence. It was evident that Ryder truck rental company did not value customer service or the upkeep of their vehicles.

Overall, my experience with Ryder truck rental service was exceptionally unsatisfactory. The disorganization, dismal state of the truck, and unprofessional staff rendered the entire process both frustrating and stressful. I will not be availing of their services again, nor would I recommend it to anyone seeking a reliable and high-quality truck rental service.


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