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Phone/Mobile No. : +91 90414 19494

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Location : Plot Number 98, Industrial Area Phase I Chandigarh, India 160002

Business : Revheads Chandigarh

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Expensive and non responsive, rude after you pay

March 16, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

I got a manual sunroof installed from them and weeks after this was installed there was some leakage as soon as rainy season arrive.
Upon complaint they said you should hav ecome first ! really i should i have thrown gallens of water to test it.
They called me to the workshop to test it and added some sort of sealent which looked like m seal to me frankly! lol.

They are rude and very expensive I compared prices with other vendors in city and it quite a big difference

I meet one other guy at the workshop who has similar leakage issues with the Soft top he got from them and he told me that they buy the soft top from Mr. Kala in the Ind area and added big margins and no support whatsoever.

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