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Promlily Complaint – Received A Substandard Prom Dress

March 15, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

With utmost disappointment and frustration I take to writing this complaint to express my displeasure with the substandard prom dress, I received from the Promlily website. Despite my high expectations for the elegant and exquisite dress I had ordered from your website, what I got was far from the advertised product.

The dress was a total mismatch from what was showcased on the Promlily website. The hue was completely different from the color I had selected, and the design was an absolute antithesis of the product display. The material was of inferior quality, and it seemed as though it had been hurriedly assembled. The seams were misaligned and the beads were carelessly falling off in numerous places.

In addition, the size of the dress was a complete disaster. I had meticulously chosen a size that should have fit me like a glove, but to my dismay, the dress was woefully undersized and would not zip up. I had no choice but to pay additional costs for alterations, which were not only inconveniencing but also an unnecessary expense.

Given the colossal disappointment that came with the Promlily product, I am demanding a full refund for both the dress and the alterations that I had to pay for. It is unfathomable to pay an exorbitant price for a subpar product that does not live up to its advertised standards.

In conclusion, I implore your Promlily company to act promptly and satisfactorily in addressing this matter. It is not only a matter of providing a refund, but also a matter of correcting the mistake and making sure it does not occur again. I await your prompt response and expect a reasonable resolution.


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