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Pixl.ae – They didn’t delivered

April 5, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

I hired this agency way back for lead generation and few of my online work but everything they delivered was disappointment. Sold me hell lot of packages like hubspot ,bla bla bla but they never delivered anything.
They will attract you with the fake certifications or partnerships but all they do is hire some local seo guy in India and are only concerned in making money. A face to people like they are giant IT hub though they need a reality check

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  • They are a web agency simply targated to make money and nothing else. I worked as there team member and I know in and outs of them. Management themselves have lot of confusions and issues and ego that they cant put aside while working as a team.

    Client part- They charge clients hell lot of money and sell them packages that they even dont need and then send them fake progress reports which was one of the reason I left them because I cant take this.

    Employee part- I always wondered how they work ? Because after charging clients that hefty run of money they dont pay employees on time. Always your salary is delayed and they have a fancy excuse everytime .

    Overall I am not sure how they are going through with such a mess. To clients they show themselves as a MNC or digital hub but in real they are shit


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