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Consumer Complaints and Reviews

Wrongful auction

March 13, 2021
1/5.00 reviews

I was participating in an auction by NY Elizabeth on the site Live Auctioneers.com on 01/10/2021. One lot came up for auction. The red “Bid” button was displaying an amount of 2K USD. The amount lingered on, and I clicked on it (2K), nothing happened as if the site was frozen, and then suddenly the bidding jumped to 17K on the side tab, and then the side tab flashed 18K and said I had won it for 18K. I did not ever bid on 18K, an 18K bid never appeared on the site for me to bid. I was completely dumbstruck and suddenly in for an 18K plus some 25% hammer fee.

Normally, when we click on an amount on the Live auctioneers site, the site says “bid has been sent”, and then it says “you are the highest bidder”, or “you have been outbid” or “Bid again”. In this case, none of these happened, it did not say my bid has been sent to the auction house either.

I immediately within seconds contacted both the NY Elizabeth and the Live Auctioneers by email and also left a message to NY Elizabeth explaining what had happened. NE Elizabeth said I have to pay 15% penalty; Live auctioneers said, everything was proper, and both washed their hands. I do not understand how a 2K bid could translate into an 18K bid without my doing anything.

I did a search for similar instances on the internet, and it appears mine is not an isolated event, exactly the same type of things have happened to others as well on this site. Please refer to “Sitejabber.com (I have mine also in there).

Now, NY Elizabeth has put it for collection and collection agency –Summit AR–is sending me letters. There is something wrong here and for no fault of mine, these people are trying to harm me.

Again, this is not an isolated event, others have experienced the same.

It never helps a business to harm consumers, for it depends on them. Trying to understand what had happened and resolve the issue is in everyone’s interest. In this case, that did not happen.


  • I recently won a NY Elizabeth Auction for a painting under their published estimated price. NY Elizabeth immediately sent me an invoice complete with 25% premium, tax, and shipping fees. They asked that I expedite funds via wire transfer to which I complied. Following receipt confirmation of my payment, I awaited shipping details. After a week of no information, I reached out and am now being told that the shipper has lost the painting and they want to give me a refund? I think there is some funny business going on. The painting appears to have been listed on multiple auction sites. How do I know that someone (else) didn’t also purchase the painting for more?
    This is no legitimate auction house that I am used to experiencing. I purchase a great deal of art and am not too sure how legitimate NY Elizabeth is…
    Bid at your own risk!

  • I was fielded in to same trap, My auction detailed were mismatched and after reaching the support multiple times they always had some lame excuses. Sadly I had to quit and let it go as I cant take that much stress. Stay away from them


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