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September 18, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

I have stayed in Nestaway property with House Id:59798. The Address of the property is:
Flat No.402, Ravi Prakash Nest,
1st cross road, Belur nagasandra,
challaghatta, Bengaluru,
Karnataka – 560037

I have moved in the month of October 2019.I have paid a fully refundable security deposit of Rupees 32, 000/-.(Thirty Two Thousand only)before Moving Into the property. And I have paid my Rent with in Time without fail all the time.Although Nestaway says they are zero brokerage they have charged one time brokerage of Rupees 7400/-.

I have Vacated the House on 9th August 2020. and Nestaway has not refunded my deposit yet after multiple followups and calls we didn’t get any proper resolution and deposit amount of 32, 000 is not refunded to me. It been more than one month and I have been calling Nestaway multiple times and following up with customer care tickets which they have not provided any response.Ticket No./Sr No. CC_08437812 which I have been following from more than one month.

Request you to help me in getting my refund back from Nestaway.

Hari Krishna

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