Miraj Cinema

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Email : helpme@mirajcinemas.com.

Phone/Mobile No. : 1800-876-873

Website :https://www.mirajcinemas.com

Location : Old Cinema Road, near Civil Hospital, Birdhano, Dhuri, Punjab 148024

Business : Miraj Cinema

Consumer Complaints and Reviews

Miraj Cinema — Food Cost Included In Ticket Price

October 28, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

Hello, I went to watch a movie on Wednesday at Miraj Cinema, Dhuri (Sangrur). Your employees provided me with ticket pricing such as 240 and 210, both of which included the cost of meals. I inform your personnel that I do not require food and requested tickets that do not include a fee for food. Yet, they do not provide me with tickets that do not include a price for food. There is a significant issue, and I pay 420 for two seats in the B line. Afterward, I tried to contact Miraj Cinema customer support, but they didn’t help me at all.

I went to my very first movie at the Miraj Cinema. I am not familiar with your policies. But I noticed that other customers paid only 150 for their tickets in the C line, but I had to pay 210 🥺. I am being charged a very high fee for tickets by your personnel.


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