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My MasseurFinder Account Got Suspended

January 6, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

Hello, My name is Eddie. For a number of years, MasseurFinder has been one of my go-to resources. Since 2014, if I’m not mistaken. I had almost 300 great ratings, but they have all been taken from my profile, leaving only 5. It’s okay though; I can get over the fact that there are only 5. Because I recently went on vacation, I decided to cancel my subscription. After I returned home, I discovered that my credit card had been used by another person, and I was required to get a new card.

MasseurFinder had a record of that card in their system. It was necessary for me to enter my new card information into their system before I could restart my subscription. They demanded a picture of the card to be used as verification, despite the fact that I had already submitted the card details. I used my iPhone to take a picture, then I emailed it to myself. Afterward, I went to my computer to try to attach it to something and submit it to their system.

Due to some technical issue, I was unable to upload the picture. I was given a message stating that the file format was not acceptable. I attempted to use a different card and a different photo. Did not work. Then I found out that iPhones no longer take images in the JPEG format, so I took a screenshot of the picture I had just taken. Because of this, the problem had been fixed, and I was able to upload the picture.

My MasseurFinder membership was working well once more, but a few hours later, they terminated my account without warning. It was a mystery to me why. Then I came here and read a complaint. Blake, who is the person who left the complaint, experienced the identical problem on the same day as I did since he submitted the incorrect file by accident. In my particular instance, I have provided the requested information for the bank card. But I have also sent a photograph of another card.

Now they have two cards on file, both of which have my name on them, but the photographs are jumbled up. Because of this misunderstanding, they terminated my user account. They no longer provide any type of customer service in any capacity. Which is completely absurd. I am unable to log in. I am unable to locate my advertisement using the search function.

However, I am able to access my profile by using an outdated link. In the past, I discussed it with another person. Therefore, there is still a record of my profile. They took $218 from me, yet the transaction does not show up in their search. Despite the fact that I am not certain that anyone from MasseurFinder website will ever read this, I still wanted to post it.


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