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Harrassment from Poshmark

December 21, 2021
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On 3\27\21 I offered $2,000 to purchase a 2020 Louis Vuitton Carry It bag. The seller @hwasookkim869 accepted my offer- I received an email from Poshmark cinfirming this order.
I contacted the seller asking her if the bag included the pouch. I just wanted to know, but I received an email from Poshmark telling me that seller cancelled the sale because she changed her mind. I contacted her asking why she dit it, she responded that she will loss money on this sale.

Passed less than one hour and she contacted me that she reposted the bag at a more expensive price. I really liked the purse and I started placing offers for her, finally she accepted the price of $2,350-00 plus taxes. Affirm will borrow me to pay it so the final cost will be almost $2,900.

I contacted a person that works at consumer office in Las Cruces, NM telling this issue.. She\he advised me to cancel it immediately, that it was very unfair sale.
I contacted Poshmark telling them to cancel this purchase, it was between the time allowed for a buyer to cancel a purchase. Obviously, they did not respond until three days after telling me that this purchase tactic is cancelled due to it being into a bidding agreement.
I replied asking them why they cancelled immediately my first purchase per seller request and they cannot cancel mine, both purchases were into a bidding agreement.

They replid me telling me different versions of this issue. They completely ignored my petition and shipped this item.

It started to be very anxious and nervous, they were very unfair to me and gave favouritism to the seller.

I decided to contact Affirm. I was feeling much pressure, the date to pay the loan was approaching. They opened a dispute, but they gave the reason to Poshmar telling me to continue contacting Poshmark asking for my cancellation, but while I need to pay them and the interest was not refundable.

The item arrived at the post office I did not accept it. When the seller knew it, she started sending me many messages in the Poshmark website, saying me all kinds of threats.

Poshmark resent the item and I did not accept it again. They have in their site that the item was delivered to me, it is not true.

Yesterday 4/27/21 I received another notification that the item will arrive to me again. I am a Poshmark member since 2013, I sold many items there, they won a lot of money because of my sales.

They don’t allow me to contact them anymore. They are putting a lot of pressure on me to accept it, it is harassment, I am afraid to go to pick up my mail.

the Poshmark mission is supposed to help people, see the way that they use to help us,

I hope somebody read it and help me, I am living a hard time, my health is very affected.

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