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Lume Deodorant Commercial Complaint – Disgusting And Repulsive Advertising

May 24, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

The recent Lume deodorant commercial has left me utterly disgusted and questioning the sanity of its creators. Never before have I witnessed such a tasteless and offensive advertising campaign for a product that is meant to combat body odor. The frequency at which these commercials air only adds insult to injury, forcing me to mute the sound on my TV every time they invade my living room.

Who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of all the body areas that can emit unpleasant odors and present it in such a crude and vulgar manner? The commercial seems to revel in the graphic details, showcasing an appalling lack of tact and sensitivity. It is an assault on the senses and a prime example of how not to promote a product.

The offensive nature of the Lume deodorant commercial is enough to make anyone cringe with discomfort. It completely misses the mark in terms of appealing to a wider audience and instead chooses to alienate potential customers with its repulsive content. Rather than highlighting the positive aspects of the product and its ability to combat body odor effectively. The commercial fixates on the negative, conjuring images that are both unnecessary and offensive.

As a consumer, I implore the creators of the Lume deodorant commercial to reconsider their approach and find more appropriate and engaging ways to showcase their product. There is no need for such a crude and offensive display when advertising a deodorant. It is high time they take into account the sensibilities of their audience and cease the onslaught of repulsive advertising that only serves to repel potential customers.


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