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Lies and deceptive practice

July 21, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

I filed a complaint with the BBB about an outstanding balance with Liberty Mutual. I switched my insurance because they wanted to increase my premium by $240 month just for adding my son to the policy. I searched and was able to get a policy with GEICO that was $240 less a month with more coverage. I concluded that they need to get the money somewhere to pay for the actors and expensive commercials.
About 2 to 3 days after I filed a complaint and I received a call from Liberty Mutual and the young lady said that they received the complaint and would get back with me. They did not and the BBB closed the complaint even though I communicated that I did not accept the response. I contacted the BBB and asked why they closed the complaint, and that no one had contacted me after the initial phone call which was 2 weeks ago. This BBB is in the Boston area and so is Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual had assumed that it was OK because the BBB closed the complaint and they did not have to respond or call as promised. Liberty Mutual did not respond until I complained with the BBB again. Liberty Mutual is an organization that is unethical and deceptive. I did not receive any communications from Liberty Mutual about the bill. Currently they have submitted the bill to a credit collection agency and threatening to send negative information to the credit agencies. They lie, they are dishonest, deceptive and do not follow thru with a promise.


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