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Very Off Amazon Customer Service Representative Jason

October 12, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

Amazon never again… On October 10, 2022 …Missing paid for already groceries. 3 boxes of frozen healthy choice dinners, turkey sausages, and 2 buttermilk biscuits. As I’m still waiting to try to understand how low can you go… Amazon customer service representative “Jason” yelled & be very combative with me for some strange reason instead of being a professional problem solver with your valuable customers who paid your salary as I did yesterday instead you chose to see him yell at me yesterday for simply requesting for my already paid for 4 pack of angel bathroom tissue – and soap which was suddenly scheduled for delivery for today at 10 pm!!!!!!! ….Are you serious Jason????? After 30 hell minutes wasted combating with you, Jason. This is exactly why I cancelled the bathroom toilet paper/ dial soap order completely.

It is impossible to forgive you, Jason, for the unacceptable and appallingly low quality of amazon customer service that you provided for Amazon the other day.

Still waiting to hear back from amazon customer service. Requested for return for the 4 bags of awful coconut chips. This was used as an absurd replacement for the slim popcorn I had ordered and for which I had already paid. It was the worst choice that could have been made for a client. Never again will I shop at Amazon’s Fresh Market. Because I’m sure there were other kinds of popcorn available for me to choose from there. Instead of acting as a problem solver to your precious consumers in a professional manner. The Amazon customer service representative Jason responded with confrontational yelling. Which paid your pay as they did for me yesterday. But shouted at me yesterday for just asking for my previously paid-for four-pack of angel bathroom tissue and soap. Which paid your salary as they did for me yesterday.

Enjoy your day.


Carolyn Gunter – amazon dissatisfied/ very disappointed customer


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