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January 14, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

YOU ARE NOT SORRY AT ALL!! THIS COMPANY IS ATROCIOUS!! I CLEAARLY SHOWED ALL THAT WAS WRONG WITH THESE DEFECTIVE LEGGINGS!! I will not ACCEPT these on your site. I WILL NEVER SHOP YOUR SITE EVER AGAIN, and Have put the word out to many others!! YOUR company is the only one one this planet that has such porr, make your customers jump though hoops hoops for DAYS ON END, clearly show what’s wrong in MANY photos, and then YOU DO THIS!! HORRIBLE and OUTRAGEOUS behavior!!

Again, MY credit card has ALL the notes and info, and I have been told ARE NOT a fan of You either!! It appears there are many complaints against you on m my credit card company alone. Once again, they are coming after you!! I am also taking to yelp to do what I can to show ALL what kind of a S@#$&*Y company you are!! Take back YOUR LOUSY $20, I would not be caught dead on your site ever!! And WHAT AN INSULT………Shame on you all!! How can You even work for such a place with NO Morals!! I know I am soooooooooo not alone in what I am saying too!! You made the time expire by NEVER getting back to me. I NEVER even got the last email. Anyway, If we were in Court, I would have won easily, as I have shown more the ENOUGH proof of TERRIBLY MADE and different size in leg, etc. leggings!!


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