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On going nightmare with horrible Asap Tickets/ITN co.

April 4, 2021
1/5.00 reviews

On going nightmare with horrible Asap Tickets/ITN co.
The purpose of this review is to warn other consumers about our ongoing
nightmare with ASAP / ITN. We hope that this will keep others from going
through similar pain and suffering that we are entailing.
In mid February 2020, we purchased 2 tickets for travel in May 2020. In
March 2020 the Covid 19 Pandemic surged around the world making travel
unsafe. We emailed the company to ask about what options were available
to us due to the Covid-19 travel ban. Their response was deceptive and
False. They deliberately interpreted our Inquiry email as a request for
cancellation. This was shocking and extremely disappointing to us that they
would take our words of inquiry and claim it as a request for cancellation so
that they can deny us our refund (they are unable to provide us proof of any
written cancellation request from us to support their false Claim). We have
read other consumer complaints about this company stating that they were
told to send a formal cancellation request via their system in order to
receive their refund. This was confusing to us, because they are denying us
a refund because they stated that WE canceled (False). Refer to other Trust
Pilot reviews. Also per their rules, a customer can not request cancellation
without contacting the customer service. This is nothing but hypocrisy. Later
in March, 2020, we received an email to inform us that our booking was
canceled due to Corona Virus Pandemic and that we would have a year from
the date our ticked was issued to re-book the trip. As the year went on, and
we were getting closer to needing to re-book the tickets, we reached back
out to ASAP requesting that they provide us a full refund since the
worldwide Covid Pandemic is still ongoing and is not safe to travel. All our
communications with Customer Service and Corporate Personnel resulted in
nothing but the run-around, a false and deceptive answer and refusing to
refund us for trip.
Needless to say, we give this Company a Poor Rating of 1 (lowest rating
available) and if we had the capability, we would have given them a -5.
Please heed our advise and do not waste your time or money with this
company. Do your research and you will see the pain that has been afflicted
on many consumers.


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