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Location : 675 Dairy Ashford Rd, Houston, TX 77079

Business : Houston Shoe Hospital

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Bad Employee At Houston Shoe Hospital Called My Wife A Liar!

April 27, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

We brought a pair of shoes back to the Houston Shoe Hospital on the morning of 4/26/22, telling the employee that the shoe they had said they had repaired had, in fact, not been fixed. The employee argued with us and called my wife a liar 3 times, trying to pawn the bad repair job off on the manufacturer. He even tried to pin the break in the heel on my wife by asking her repeatedly if she had worn them since the repair, insinuating that one wearing could break the job that they did.

What kind of store does that? It seems to me that they do not have a good deal of confidence in their work. At the same time, realizing that the store was at fault, he pretended that he would give us a no-charge but he never did. We paid for a bad repair job that went bad and all we got for our trouble was to bring it back, he was a bad employee who kept calling my wife a liar to her face. We asked for our money back and he refused us telling us to “buy a new pair of shoes.”I told him on the way out that I would be blogging the store and he told me that I was just one unhappy customer and it wouldn’t matter anyway.

I had recommended the store to my wife because at one point, Houston Shoe Hospital had integrity but I see now (and my readers will see) that no integrity remains in this business. One bad employee can sour the whole business, as this review indicates.


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