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Phone/Mobile No. : +1-818-510-3311

Website :https://www.hoobly.com/

Location : 1460 Broadway, New York City, New York, 10036, United States

Business : Hoobly

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Hoobly Scam Phising – Fake Support

January 18, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

Hello – I received two sets of phishing messages from Hoobly scam support profiles. The first is “theHooblysupportteam10,” and the second is “Hooblycustomersupport”. Both request my name and email address. They used a fake email for me to respond to when I opened my account. What my email password is, and so on, and provided me with a text number.

When I called, a blocked voicemail appears to have come from some online texting app. No website support team will ever ask you for your email address or password. They can check it out for themselves by going through their administrative controls. You are not required to inform them!

Contact Customer Support and provide screenshots and links to the people’s Hoobly scam accounts. You can find their complaint form and email address by Google searching them.

You can also contact Hoobly via email at support@hoobly.com. If something similar has happened to you as well then don’t wait, raise your concern regarding this. Today, I sent them screenshots and messages to inform them of the situation. I didn’t give any information to the fishers. So I’m curious about what response I’ll get from Hoobly. BEWARE! That also implies that any additions to these request for money are scanned through fishing.


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