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Groupon Not Accepting Vouchers

October 17, 2022
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If I’m being completely honest with you, I have a lot of unfavorable thoughts about Groupon. I have been communicating with Groupon via email on many occasions over the course of the past two months. Having said that, in spite of this, I have not yet obtained any kind of response from their end.

After that, I made the agonizing choice to use the live chat tool of Groupon customer support, which is an option that, whenever it’s at all feasible, I do my best to avoid making use of. However, they did not even give me the opportunity to tell the complete story, and throughout the two conversations that I had with them. I was unable to acquire the support from them that I required in order to resolve the issue that I was having.

My only request is that the voucher codes for the four separate purchases be reset. Which is something that has been done for me in the past without any problems. As a result, I dialed the number again to reach Groupon. However, after attempting a significant number of different phone numbers. I was eventually fortunate in obtaining one that led to a voicemail. With the message that the offices were still closed because of Covid. As a direct result of that, I am going to be dropped from four college classes and one magazine.

So I suppose you could say that I have pretty much exhausted all of my options with regard to this matter. I want to thank you for listening to my complaints about Groupon and taking the time to do so. I have high hopes that somebody will be able to assist me in any way possible. In order to help find a solution to the problem that I have been complaining about with Groupon.


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