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Gillette Proglide Complaint

December 28, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

It has piqued my interest to learn what transpired with your Gillette Proglide. These have been quite useful to me throughout the years. Probably ever since they were first made available to the public. They gave me a very good shave which was very appreciated. Now I have three four-blade cartridges, and two of them are so dull that they pull my whiskers out rather than cut them. Unfortunately, I can’t use either of those two cartridges. The third one is the only one that makes a cut, although I have already thrown away blades that were sharper than these.

I have attempted to get in touch with the Gillette customer care support┬áteam a multitude of times. However, they did not assist me in any way with my difficulty. My complaint was not even taken into consideration by them. They simply hand my call off to another customer service representative. Because of the manner in which they treat me, I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied.

Because I don’t want to throw away good money, I’m hesitating about purchasing another one. If the quality of these Gillette Proglide blades is bad, then I will not purchase them. It appears as though I’ll have to go with a different brand. To determine whether or not the three replacement cartridges are of superior quality, I would want to have them all changed.

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