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Location : 277 E 10th St, New York, NY 10009

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Please put experience first

February 6, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

: I usually don’t go to barbershops just because I would like someone to handle a guys hair thats slightly longer. Tho, having been at Fox and Jane twice, it felt they really didn’t know how to handle a guys hair.

Please know what you’re doing, or recommend me a different hairdresser that you think would do better.

I’m sure there’s hairdressers that can handle mens hair better than the other that work at this salon. (Give it as an option when booking the appointment ???)

Cutting someone’s hair is a craft, and I expect to be handled professionally. Please put experience first, cause now you’ve lost a disappointed costumer and you’ve got a bad review.

Also a friend of mine went and wanted her hair lighter, but came out much darker than originally.

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    So I was a customer until my last interaction with reception. I was booked for a recurring haircut ( 3 months later) an appointment at the 10th street location. I got an email stating that the location is being remodeled to confirm the new location click here etc…so I didn’t confirm it since I didn’t make an appointment at the location being offered. When I get harassing text messages stating I will be charged for a haircut I didn’t receive because your location is being remodeled I called up to talk to reception which was like talking to a broken record. I didn’t confirm an appointment at a different location. Also I was never called to confirmed just texted after. Sorry your remodeling but giving clientele a hard time when you change locations about not wanting to go to a different Lozano. I said you sent an email asking to confirm I didn’t confirm a new location.
    All good -charge me but I won’t ever be back after this.
    Bad vibezzzz.


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