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Staff attentiveness is a hit or miss

February 26, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

Both my wife and I are huge fans of Fossil, but this location has not represented the brand well on more than an occasion. Staff attentiveness is a hit or miss. They always seem unaware or uninformed about the products and/or applicable sales. 2 stars to recognize their products, but negative stars for in-store service!

I received a wallet as a Christmas gift. I went a few days after Christmas to exchange it with a different wallet. Staff wanted me to first return the original wallet, which was on sale, then purchase the new wallet at full price and pay the difference. Although I disagreed with the return/exchange process, it was not the main issue. I was most alarmed and offended by the demeanor of the sales person. When I told him that the new wallet was on sale, he said “nope” the system does not show it. He certainly showed a great deal of attitude. He called another associate to join him and they both made it very clear that I can either pay the difference or keep the original wallet. Mind you, there was still a big fat “40% sale” sign literally everywhere in the store!!!

Out of respect for myself, I chose to leave without making an exchange. I went on that same evening, only to discover that the wallet that I wanted was on sale. In fact, it was on a double sale, 40% off PLUS an additional 30% off PLUS free shipping. I have a receipt to prove it!

What a missed opportunity by the in-store staff to make, an already Fossil fan, happy and may be even upsell me on other Fossil products. Instead, their attitude and misinformation created a negative experience and terrible brand representation.


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