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Failed product delivery and ineffective customer support

August 29, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

06-08-2020: ordered and paid for products including smartphone for another person (her money too) on flipkart and expected delivery “18-08-2020″/ after 12 days, everything seemed normal including tracker.
18-08-2020: after long 12 days waiting resulted in “failed delivery” and flipkart moved delivery date to “28-08-2020″/10 more days.
28-08-2020: i trusted them for this date but got disappointed again, tracker seems dead and not updated anything since 18 Aug,customer service lady throwed lot of apologies and told me to wait again, nothing else and dropped the call.
29-08-2020: it’s today, tracker still says expected delivery on 28th Aug and i’m writing this and feels helplessness and anger , Now pressure is on me for flipkart’s failure. where is the product?
Also flipkart option “send/share order details” also not working, i tried 3 different mobile numbers and never got any SMS.

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