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Cancellation Request Rejected By Flipkart

March 31, 2022
2/5.00 reviews

When my order on Flipkart for a Haier 190L refrigerator was placed, delivery was scheduled for April 7th, 2022. There was no way to change the delivery date, which was chosen at random. It was set for April 7th, 2022, and there was no way to do so. The refrigerator was scheduled to be delivered on April 7th, 2022. I was a little letdown. Following that, I phoned customer service on a number of occasions and requested a cancellation. Because it was not viable for me to wait an extended period of time. On each occasion, they reacted by informing me that a ticket had been opened and that I might expect a response within 24 hours of submitting the request. But my cancellation request got rejected every time.

On the 30th of March, 2022, I called the company’s customer support center to inquire about the problem once more. Customer orders submitted beyond the 24-hour cancellation period will not be able to be canceled by the company. According to the company, my cancellation request was rejected despite the fact that the order had not yet been delivered. Therefore I inquired as to the reason for the denial. My request was later confirmed as having been denied. Due to the fact that they have repeatedly hung up in the middle of a conversation. This is incredibly disrespectful, my ticket requests have not yet been responded to. It was determined that the cancellation request had been rejected due to inadequate customer service and deceptive promises made. Please, someone, come and help me!


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