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Blocked my Login account for a foolish reason

July 12, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

On 27-6-2020, i got a mail saying “your Flipkart login account was blocked due to unusually high number of returns in your purchase history and it also mean that you will no longer be able to login to your flipkart account” [incident no:in2006271308244312234] and one more [incident no:in2006280146462132421]. One thing i want to make sure that being a genuine customer to flipkart, i never violated flipkart rules and regulations. From past 4 years, i returned my product only once. How come flipkart people say that i made high number of returns.On 23-6-2020, i made orders worth 5857 rupees, and many of my products which got delivered were very cheap quality products especially bedsheets as their color is fading and prestige deluxe plus prestige cooker with order id:od118978072351872000 which was delivered on 29-6-2020 was 2 nd hand product (Already used one). Flipkart is cheating their genuine customers by selling 2 nd hand products to their customers. I have all the proofs of that 2nd hand prestige deluxe plus cooker and when customers got to know on this cheap trick of flipkart and raise their concern, this cheap business minded flipkart people blocking such kind of customer’s login account so that they cannot raise their concern.I am sending mails to flipkart everyday, but none of them are properly addressing my issue and they just copy paste the same email and send it back to me.So I request you to please focus on this issue and make Flipkart support people hears my concern and make my account unblocked.

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