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Complaint against Fed Ex driver

October 6, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

This complaint is against Federal Express.
I complained about this driver before. The tracking number for this delivery complaint is 909049839645
A Fed Ex driver who delivers to our condo complex is acting spiteful after my initial complaint in June against him for dumping packages on a landing leading to my apartment after knocking down a large sign blocking the porch entrance, which was signed by me indicating the Fed Ex tracking number of the delivery which was being refused. The driver became belligerent after I followed him to his truck to get an explanation of why he ignored signed instructions and dumped the large packages precariously on a landing. A supervisor had to later instruct him that the packages should have been returned and not delivered. Another supervisor later left a message for me apologizing for the incident. I do not know why they did not fire him them. Since then he tries to be spiteful and leaves expensive deliveries on a landing outside my apartment leading to my apartment, exposed to the elements which is common area to the condo. I have a large covered porch where deliveries are normally left by other individuals, out of the elements. He thinks he is being smart and cutesy but doesn’t realize the landing is not part of property I own. I complained on Pissed Consumer about this a few weeks ago. Apparently someone at Federal Express took some action as yesterday part of an expensive order from Walmart was left on my porch. Later in the day however, another part of my delivery was left partially leaning at about a 40 degree angle against some steps above the landing below. The package could have slid down the steps. I did not even notice it was on the steps until the next morning when I went outside and started to go down the steps. I suppose he thought he was being cutesy by delivering one package properly and then resorting back to the childish tactics. I don’t know why they don’t just fire this guy. There are plenty of deserving individuals out of work that would be glad to come to work and do a professional job. I have a large covered porch. I don’t like Fed Ex leaving expensive packages on steps or landings outside exposed to the elements. The residents at my condo complex expect packages to be delivered properly by Fed Ex as other companies do. In addition. part of a previous order from Walmart several weeks ago was never delivered. I d do not know if this driver had anything to do about it but it was suspicious. Walmart had to issue me a refund for that part of the order.

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  • reginalawhorn7@gmail.com

    Today i was to have 2 packages delivered only for the driver stated that he attempted but i wasnt home and that is a down right lie. I have been having so many problems with fedex lately telling lies about my packages. Forget about talking to customer service because none of them understands english tknow whats going(not picking at anyones accent) but i am very tired of getting reps that lie and cant talk to escalation about the driver . Now, I am concerned that my packages are at another address and there is nothing i am able to do about. I would like to speak Bryan the supvr for my area in pompano beach,fl


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