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Location : HangZhou City, China

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June 29, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

EZ returns right? WRONG!!!! you have to send the items back to CHINA!!! Their return instructions are VERY Specific – only use USPS, only delcare $15 value, take a picture of the label and receipt from USPS….$150 in USPS costs to send back and the clerk was nice enough to tell me there is a 90% chance your package will NOT be delivered!
This is so fraudulent! they should state their RETURN POLICY in detail on their website. Had I KNOWN I was buying directly from China and had to RETURN TO CHINA, I would not have spent $283 on dresses that should fit a Barbie Doll and are no where NEAR the sizes they show online. You people STINK!

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