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Ekta Insure – Scam By Travel Insurance Company

August 28, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

I have looked everywhere, but I cannot find my bags. My comprehensive travel insurance is provided to me by Ekta Insure, and it protects me if my luggage also goes missing. My bag went missing while this insurance policy still covered me. However, the insurance company says that it is not liable for its whereabouts. Because they are not responsible for the disappearance of the suitcase in the first place.
Ekta Insure company is taking advantage of its consumers by stealing their money. Under the guise of acting as a travel insurance agent. While simultaneously failing to give support if something goes wrong. People are reported to have been taken advantage of by Ekta Insure. In a con that they put out, in which the con artists pretended to be sick. while the victims were on vacation but did nothing to assist them. It is said that these people fell victim to the con. It is a business that takes advantage of its clients.

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