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Selling office 365 lifetime subs + 5TB OneDrive wrongly

September 2, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

Hi Team,

I came across a website who is selling office 365 lifetime subscription + 5TB OneDrive cloud storage ( and as per their product description they will send license key after purchase, I went ahead and order one user license key with them. But instead of sending license key they sent me a user id and temporary password, asked me to use the given email-id to activate office application and use OneDrive cloud storage that comes with this email-id. Which means I can’t use this user id to avail office 365 subscription and onedrive cloud space for my existing account. Later, upon investigating over internet I found the given user id belongs to a Microsoft E5 developer account which come free of cost. Not only that, this given user id ‘’ (xx is replaced with aliases like ‘aa’ or ‘lk’ and so on) is controlled by an admin and he can see all my data that I would store over onedrive cloud and even open with office application that I will activate using given email-id. So, it is not even safe use it. I have contacted with seller but they just beating around the bush and not giving strait answer of my questions, they are saying we gave you whatever mentioned on the website, but one can check their product description by clicking the URL I gave above, it is clearly saying that they will send license key not an email-id. Using that account is not safe as I can’t even change recovery option of the given email id, I can’t contact to Microsoft for support as that given email id is controlled by an Admin which seller claims belongs to them.
Whenever I try to talk to Microsoft customer care it asks me to login in their support chat window and I can’t login using the given email-id as it belongs to an organization as per Microsoft and has Admin to contact for any issue (which is DealkartIndia, as they claim). So, can’t get help from there as well, and the DealkartIndia knows this, even they are asking me to contact Microsoft for support, which I can’t as the shared email-id is not an individual email-id.
They are not ready to refund my Rs.1289/- and asking me to use a bogus account which I believe not safe as whoever is the admin can see and I can loose more in future.

Kindly suggest me what can I do, how and where can I report such online fraud resellers and stop them doing this.


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  • Thanks for informing us I was about to lose my money this scam god bless whistleblowers like me and you who post thongs at the right moment for the world to see the dark and cruel side of the Internet.


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