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CD Universe Poor Service

January 10, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

Poor attention to the needs of customers! I placed an order for an “express” shipment of video CDs with the intention of giving them as a present to a friend who lives in another country. I was sent a confirmation email, but CD Universe decided to put my transaction on hold for phone address verification. WITHOUT INFORMING ME OF THIS DECISION.
When I called the friend a few months later and found out that he had not received his present. That’s when I became aware of this fact. When I called CD Universe, the customer service representative informed me that the item will be mailed the following business day. After a total of FOUR WEEKS, IT STILL HAS NOT BEEN SENT OUT.
Since I initially placed the order, more than a month and a half have passed. I’m done. After making a new purchase of the game from a different retailer. I have decided that I will never again utilize CD Universe.


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