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Rude, Lies, & Bad Customer Service

March 14, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

I bought two warranty packages from Car Shield, but I do regret it. However, on my way taking my daughter to school my wheel axle went out. So, long story short, I put a claim in, had it towed to the dealership. My car sat in the dealership for a month, no one call me or nothing. Eventually, I called them each day, to get jerked around to say someone is looking at it, no one is not working it, the adjuster will call you, the adjuster has not looked at it, too it is getting escalated to a manager. Still nothing. They Are LIARS!!!!! The customer service sucks!!! Each time I called back, each person could not see who took notes previously because they did NOT note the account Finally, I called. I am told my claim is denied because the odometer was reset. I didn’t do it. This is a used car. Nowhere in the package I purchased states if the odometer was tampered with, my claim will be denied. Well, they did deny my claim. So, when I request my refund back, I am told they are canceling both of my policies, and no money will be refunded. keep in mind, I had car shield less than a year. So, I requested a supervisor to call me back. GUESS WHAT??? I finally got a call, OMG!!!! on the day they are canceling me. Yes, like a fool, I had two car policies with them. Her name is Tiffany/supervisor. She tells me I will not get a refund and that Car Shield did not do anything wrong. Really!!!! I BEG YOU DO NOT buy their policies if you have an older car, and if you buy an older car, make sure you do homework and verify if the odometer was NOT reset before purchasing their car warranties. If so, they will deny your claim too. BTW, it will not state that in your paperwork, and they will not tell you when you are purchasing the policy. You will find out the hard way like I did.

So, Later, I received a refund check in the mail, but for ONLY ONE of my car warranties; which was contract # MFF 324-5235 (Mazda 6). However, I had two policies with Car Shield, and I did mention this as well to the reps, leads, and supervisors on previous calls. Considering this was possibly an oversight, I called Car Shield, and spoke to Cindy. She stated to me that I can get my refund back, but I will have to speak with Auto-Shield @ 1-800-430-1705, and to make sure I contact Mepco @ 1-800-397-6767 to cancel ANY auto debits set up on my card. So, following Cindy’s instructions, I called again and spoke with Jessica, who told me that I must speak with Car Shield because they are the ones who created the contract. So, I called a third time back and got Tawana. Tawana told me that Car Shield will not refund my money back because I voluntarily canceled the contract, and I was supposed to do any cancelations within 30 days after the contract started. However, I explained to her that after Car Shield voluntarily canceled my contract on the Mazda 6, and it did not make any sense to continue doing business with Car Shield after they refused to fix my Mazda 6. She went on “back & forth” with me stating that it was my fault, and I should have done my homework on a used vehicle in so many words. Well, I explained my situation is different. She stated over and over, how Car Shield will not refund my account. So, I am requesting for the 5th time to please refund my account back to me; in the amount of $750.00. I explained to her that I communicated this to Tiffany/supervisor that day, I specifically requested for Car Shield/Auto Shield to refund my money back to me. Of course, she stated too it is not Car Shield fault, and hung the phone up in my face. That was really nasty. I sent letters in the mail, and made many calls that I can not even keep track of after the 8th time.

I am trying to be business like, and request it respectively without profane languages or etc. I had two policies with Car Shield, and both cars were runny fine when I bought both policies. I bought both cars used, but I had no idea that one of the odometers could possibly be tampered with. Who knows, the other car odometer may have as well. So, I did not want to keep investing money in the company to find out later that odometer was tampered with as well. I started crying and was very hurt, how they can do this to me. I have three children, a single mom trying to do the best I can and get slap in the face for trying to follow the correct procedure to get my refund back.
you done me. Their commercials come on TV, and the radio stations all the times advertising the headaches of repairing cars is over. Well, I was sold. I needed that break as a single parent. Not knowing, the headache I was going to get when I brought the two packages from Car Shield. Just so you will know, my Mazda 6 is still at the Mazda dealership, and I am paying the cost out of my pockets. They are working with me, but they are “shocked” as how I was treated and the lack of lies and communication that was told to us. So, I will appreciate if Car Shield will send the rest of my money to help me out with the expenses. I will not be surprise if someone files a lawsuit against them. They are nasty behind close doors. Please do not be sold like I was. If there was a rating of a 0. That is what I will give.


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