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Baileys Gym Complaint – No Refund Given

March 8, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I signed to Baileys Gym Health & Fitness club for a period of two years. My contract, which expired in December 2022, was nearly up when I received a health diagnosis that stopped me from going back to the Baileys Gym. On January 3, though, I got a bill for $63 instead. When broken down, it was for a membership for one more month and an annual fee. When I called their customer support, they claimed that my contract’s specified that they would continue to charge me on a month-to-month basis. Even after my contract expired if I failed to appear in person to terminate it.
I said that I couldn’t go to the Baileys Gym because of a health issue and that no one had ever made this clear to me. They refused to give me my money back. They refused to give me a refund when I questioned where in the contract it was specified that I would still be required to pay the annual fee even though I was not a member. The way they responded and their greed disgusts me to the core. This system is designed to be profitable.


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