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Geico Insurance Company Poor Customer Service

June 23, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

I have been with Geico insurance for almost 50 years and this is the worst experience that I have ever had. On June 13th, I was involved in a Hit and Run accident in Hampton Virginia. I called the police and the insurance company agent. Once the police arrived, he determined that the car should not be driven and informed me to tell the agent that the car should be towed. After providing this information to the agent, the agent asked me where did I want the car to be repaired? I said it did not matter.

The final decision that day was to tow the car to my home. She then told me that the adjuster would come to my home to provide an estimate. The car would be towed to a repair shop. Later that evening, I received a text from another agent. Asked me to send a picture of the car and I did that. I was asked if the car could be driven. I responded that the police stated that it should not be driven. The previous agent made the decision to have the car towed to my home. The next text from that agent was that I would receive faster service. If the car had been towed to the repair shop instead of my home. I informed the agent that the option had not been given to me.

After additional communication, it was determined that the car would be towed from my house to the repair shop the next day after 1 PM. I had to change a doctor’s appointment. Which meant that I would not be able to be at home for the tow truck person. Was told by the agent to place the key in the car. The tow truck driver would be informed where the key was. I did that. Received a text from the agent that the tow driver was en route to my home. Asked the agent if the driver had been informed that the key was in the car. The response was yes.

A few minutes later I received a call asking me where the key was. Talked to the driver and he informed me that the car would be delivered to the shop. I then called the repair shop to let them know that I was on my way to sign the paper to authorize repairs. Because that is what the agent had told me to do. Called the repair shop and was told that they had no paperwork. That I needed to reach out to GEICO insurance and have them send the paperwork.

By this time, I am pissed off. I called the agent again and told her that I was upset. She stated that there had been some miscommunication. I informed her that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. She stated she would have someone to call me. This was Tuesday, June 14th around 3 PM. I left the doctor’s office, and drove to my home. I saw the car had been towed, and then went to the repair shop. Signed papers to authorize the repair and left. As of today, June 23, 7:45 AM, I have not heard from a supervisor.

On Wednesday, June 15th I did send a certified letter to Geico Insurance Corporate office in Virginia Beach. Still have not heard from anyone. The adjuster did call and let me know the cost of repair on June 15th. On Friday, June 17th, the adjustor text me to let me know that the repair shop was submitting additional charges. Today is June 23rd and after I contacted the adjuster yesterday. He stated he still does not know when the car will be ready.

Note, that I had to initiate the contact. He did respond that I should know something today or tomorrow, June 24th. I still have not heard from a supervisor and have no response to my letter. I ask myself, what’s next? Do you want to change insurance companies? Then you find out they all are providing poor customer service at this time. One thing I do know, my days of praising Geico are gone. I want my car repaired so that I can move forward. This has been the best example of poor customer service by incompetent people.


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