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Location : Level 31 The Shard, 31 St. Thomas Street London, United Kingdom

Business : Aqua Shard

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Worst experience in London. Avoid!

December 27, 2019
1/5.00 reviews

We booked a table in mid November for dining there on Christmas Eve. One week before our reservation they decided to call us and inform us that the restaurant would be serving a fixed menu on that night. Since it would be impossible to find an alternative restaurant this late we accepted the fixed menu.
On the day of our booking we were running a bit late so I decided to call the restaurant and inform them that I would be late (10-15 minutes) but the woman who answered the phone told me that i couldn’t be late and that she would give my table elsewhere even though the restaurant was not fully booked.
The restaurant was very nice with amazing views and all the tables placed correctly so that everyone could enjoy the views of Central London. Unfortunately that was the only good thing we would enjoy that night.
The food was very bad. It did not have any taste as it did not have any salt on it. The cocktails were bad as well. When you pay 18 GBP for a single cocktail the least you would expect is for the cocktail to taste good.
When we had our dinner we wanted to go down for a smoke. Our waitress was more than willing to take care of our belongings until we returned but then another waitress left her cave and decided to come to our table with a very rude attitude and inform us that if we wanted to go down we had to leave a credit card there even after we informed them that we would leave our belongings to the restaurant. I don’t have a problem with leaving a credit card behind. But please when you want to ask that of a customer please send someone with even the slightest bit of PR skills and not someone who has never talked to a person before with such a rude attitude.


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