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Incomplete or partial treatment for my spouse

April 25, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

My spouse was carrying baby. During first trimester scan found that, baby having multiple early birth defects (OCCIPITAL ENCEPHALOCELE & SCOLIOSIS OF SPINE). Hence suggestion to terminate baby. So we have consulted nearby hospital “Abhayahasta Multispeciality Hospital” for furter procedure/treatment.

MTP treatment done by Dr.Aparna Baliga in Abhayahasta Multispeciality Hospital for 13weeks pregnancy termination of my spouse. Total cost including consultations was around INR 25562. But it turned out to be partial or incomplete or improper treatment since my spouse continues to get severe abdominal pain, lower back pain & bleeding. After 4 days of going through this horrible experience, got admitted again in emergency due to severe pain & Dr. suggested to admit for D&C procedure.

We could not trust Dr. Aparna Baliga at this point & later consulted India’s prominent Cloudnine hospital. Scan & treatment in Cloudnine reveals that, retained products of conception. And also ideal treatment for 13 week abortion would be D&C due to baby size. This incomplete or partial or improper treatment brings lots of pain physically, mentally & financially to my family. We had ended up spending additional INR 34090 to complete full recovery. Now spouse is completely recovered within 1 day.

Here demanding Dr.Aparna Baliga or Abhayahasta Multispeciality Hospital to pay back additional amount spent (INR 34090) on further treatment along with apology for the pain my family gone through.


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