Facebook is the Company of the DEVIL

I hate facebook so much! They don’t give a bleep about people! I was on a 30 day ban for something I did not do and now, I’m on another 30 day ban for the same stupid reason! Why does facebook keep kicking people off? I thought it was a safe place where people can […]

Fake company won’t pay you salaries

All good rviews you se about them are posted from there own accounts and its all shit. They won’t pay you salaries saying your work was not worth though projects are delivered and they are getting paid

Scam, rude customer service, lied to by customer service rep

I’ll also add that the search produced NOTHING. I had found more on a general internet search prior to signing up for the trial. When I noticed the charge, I called for a refund of the subscription I did not subscribe to, I was told “the most they can offer for a refund is $10.93” […]

Mental Harassment – Forcing to pay

They Send me fake notices and asking me to pay. It has been mental harassment dealing with these guys now.