Why Reviews Are So Important for Your Business?

The internet is giving consumers a lot of power, making it easy for them to simply go online and write their experience with a product or services. In a world where reviews are the new word of mouth, prospects have made the internet the first go-to to read what others have to say about a business before buying a product or availing a service. Reviews sure hold a royal place in the business world. Hence, understanding why reviews are vital for your business will help you put your best foot forward online. Here are why your brand needs reviews:

Consumers read reviews before making a purchase decision:

A whopping 95 percent of online shoppers read reviews before making a purchase

94 percent of consumers form their opinions whether a business is good or bad by reading review

72 percent will never buy a product until they read reviews

97 percent of consumers read reviews to search for local businesses or brands

While 83 percent of job seekers read review of organizations before making decisions.

From promoting brand awareness to generating sales to boosting online reputation, review are inevitable. This stats is to show that reviews have become the lifeblood of any business.

Reviews build business credibility and gain trust

When it comes to building credibility, reviews have proven to be more credible than any other type of content. A staggering 88 percent of consumers said they trust review as much as personal recommendation, review no doubt is a great way to build trust and credibility. A consumer who read positive online review, trust you will most likely buy from you. Businesses with more negative reviews tend to be distrusted and this can impede sales. Hence, the more positive reviews, the better.

Reviews boost customer engagement

Reviews help businesses to build a useful relationship with consumers and promote engagement. Positive review attract customers while negative review tend to put them off. This is to say happy customers are likely to review your product on social channels as well as other review platforms such as pissed consumer complaints. However, when you have a negative review, you can still use them to your advantage by responding positively and putting in a place a good after-sales customer experience.

Review increase sales

Do you know positive review can impact business sales? Online reviews play a significant role in increasing the sales of your business as everyone turns to online reviews to get more information about any product they want to purchase. A star rating below four will turn 60% of the customers away while five star increases their trust in the product. It also helps customers who have never use your product to purchase it, therefore, boosting your sales. Moreover, researchers as proved that 65% of businesses increase in sales as many people tend to flood the site of businesses that shows the complete review of the product before buying. Also, the digital world as given customers the power to make their own decision, therefore, many customers are fully aware of there options and will often purchase products that have a good review. To help promote sales, it makes more sense for business owners should focus on producing a great product which yields positive review thereby increasing sales.

Reviews promote brand awareness

Let’s think about it. Review can also be used as a tool to create brand awareness as one product review can encourage others to drop their review. When many people drop their reviews on all your social platforms, it boosts the awareness of the product as many people get to know about the brand. Moreover, review boost your visibility on search engines. Giants such as google collate reviews from different platforms when your brand is being searched and as google accounts for 57.5% of all reviews around the globe, here is one platform that should never be ignored. Therefore, the more positive around you, the higher your ranking on search engines and the more your brand image is being promoted.

Reviews portray you as an expert in your niche

When the review is given by customers about your business, it shows your expertise in the business. It portrays your heart towards your customers and how you know their needs and ready to meet them. Review speak the mind of the customer on how professional your business services are and how they view your business in general.

Reviews gives insight into customers expectations

Review helps you to understand the mind of your customer, their requirements, and their expectations. It gives you insight into what your next project should be and how well your customers will accept it. It also helps you know how you meet your customer expectations, where you need to make improvements and your stand in the business world.