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Great Business Ideas to Consider During and After COVID-19

It’s been months the whole world has been at a standstill due to the COVID-19. From economic fallout to countries lockdown to businesses shutdown, this pandemic no doubt has a grave effect on humanity. However, every crisis comes with its own opportunities and COVID-19 is no exception. In a bid to return to normalcy businesses, governments, and the society at large will no doubt take proactive steps to pick back the pieces left. We have already seen some businesses diverting and taking hold of the opportunities this outbreak has to offer. Thanks to technology, a life-saver making work operations easier. This is to say some of these business ideas and opportunities might linger on even after COVID-19 and for decades to come. What are these new business ideas 2020? Let’s dig in!

Fitness and wellness

Gyms and wellness centers are among the sectors that experienced the hardest blows during the pandemic as they have to be on compulsive shutdowns to combat the spread of the virus. The digital landscape has however been welcoming as consumers strive to keep the body and mind in good shape while being confined to the four walls of their home. This sector is starting to incorporate technology and wellness elements to provide an immersive experience. More workout videos popping up. Virtual learning is taking place where users are being matched with remote personal trainers and more online training apps are developed. This is one trend that isn’t stopping soon but will rather complement gym usage even after everything return to normal.

E commerce

China alone has experienced an increase in the use of e-commerce by adults over the age of 45 by 27 percent. Italy saw a whopping 81% increase in the eCommerce transactions. The retail business could not operate and many shops are closed. A simple trip to grocery stores as been prohibited. Consumers are left with no choice than to turn online to make their purchase and many business ideas are stepping up the game and looking for new ways to meet the demands of the consumers. This is to say that businesses should keep a tab of this changing consumer behavior dictated by the current circumstance. This could change how people shop when this is over. Shop owners, both small and big should incorporate digital tools and tap into these opportunities.


As a global health emergency arises, there has never been more need for innovations, medical devices, digital medical assistance(to mention a few ) than now. Technology has emerged as a critical tool for aiding the operations of health workers. Healthcare provides are coming up with telehealth, apps, and tools to provide services and handle health issues across the globe. Aside from this, there has been an increase in the number of people using online consultations as lockdown is keeping regular patients away from hospitals.

Food and Online delivery

Many restaurants are closed downs and this sector seems to be one of the hardest hit. Food is one thing humans can’t do without, it’s no surprise online food deliveries is one of the winners during this pandemic. To reassure safety to consumers, food delivery firms are adopting different measures such as no contact delivery or dropping of food on the doorsteps. Restaurants owners should not wait for things to return to normal. It’s time to launch your online delivery app and deliver food to people at the safety of their homes.


The closures of schools have seen a sudden shift from normal classroom learning to remote learning using online platforms. From language learning apps to video conferencing to virtual classrooms, the usage of education technology has grown in leaps and bounds during this pandemic. Despite the urgent demand for it and the unpreparedness, many universities and schools have recorded significant success. Here is a small business idea to offer niche advice, courses, and training using the digital platform. This pandemic can turn out to be a new move to online learning.


As COVID-19 halts live matches, live entertainments while placing travel bans, the world of digital entertainment has skyrocketed. With the new normal of staying at home, people have got to chill and kill time. It’s no surprise there has been a rapid increase in E-sports have sports fans are joining virtual game tournaments of football, basketball, and many others. Moreover, the gaming industry is not left out. From international games such as house party, Psych to ancient games such as Online chess and backgammon, the industry is sure experiencing its best time. Moreover, virtual world tours and trips to iconic museums, landmarks, zoos among others are increasing. This is because parents are looking for ways to keep the children busy and entertained as they work from home. This seems to be the new mental health as people are trying to keep the mind and body together amidst the crisis. This is simply one of the best business ideas to make money during and after the coronavirus outbreak.