Consumer Complaints and Reviews

June 13, 2019

Since I have not been receiving my packages as of late, I decided to file a complaint with the customer care team on the website. They claim that they have taken the issue to a qualified professional for assistance. On the other hand, I have not been provided with a reference number. I have not been contacted about anything other than replacements.

On the contrary, I’m interested in learning more about the businesses that are now hiring new staff members. Because I can’t shake the feeling that someone is helping themselves to my delivery while I’m not looking. When the products were delivered to my house. There was no image taken of the delivery people bringing the packages inside.

There was a period of time during which the incorrect address was provided for the purpose of delivering my shipment. My phone number, the number of my building, and the number of my unit were all included in the extremely detailed directions that I provided for how to get to my house. I have finally reached my breaking point with this predicament, and if nothing is done, I will. I will be forced to file a legal complaint against!