Consumer Complaints and Reviews

Neo Fitness

May 6, 2019

I am gymming for last 10 years. I have joined various gyms whose monthly fee was from 500 to 5000 per month. But NEO Fitness Tdi Mohali is worst. Managers are so illiterate, they don’t know how to talk. Looks like some illiterate laborers from UP.
When you’ll go to the gym for a visit they will start begging for joining it. Their exact statement was: “Bhai kr lo join apna bhi kuch bn jayega commision ka”.
and there was a guy who was also there for 1st-time visit. The first statement of manger was “Ye kya haalat bna rakhi he”.
Its been 3 months since it started and they don’t have machines yet. They are promising to everyone that machine will come next week but I believe it will take 1 more year.
They will try to impress you with their mobile app, trainer rating etc. but all is just a showcase.
As per my experience ONLY join a gym where owners are directly involved. Otherwise, you will keep sending complaint emails and no one will take any action. If you are conscious about your health and don’t want to get stressed over by arguing with a bunch of illiterates then NEVER join this gym.
ZERO stars to Neo Fitness Mohali gym and its staff.