Consumer Complaints and Reviews

Dairy Queen / Employees

July 30, 2019

I pulled up the the Dairy Queen on Lake Joy Rd, Warner Robins, GA at about 9:40, and they closed at ten. My friends and I were only getting blizzards, and we were taking them out to our cars to be considerate to the workers trying to get home after cleaning. About 15 min after ten, one of the workers comes out of the store, asks us if we are waiting on someone inside, to which we say “no ma’am”, and she said “well clean up your damn trash” when we didn’t even have any trash or anything, we had already cleaned everything up and we’re about to leave. the coworker that she walked out with asked what she said to us, and she repeated, very loudly “I told them to pick their damn trash up”. she also had her kids at work with her and she was yelling at them while there were customers in the restaurant, and she was cursing very loudly. I work in food service and I know for a fact that you’re not supposed to act like that towards a customer or while you’re working. I guess that store is just clueless.