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Location : Plano, Texas, US

Business : Zipcash NTTA

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Zipcash Fraudulent Charges By NTTA

February 13, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

On Monday, I received a call from a collection firm working on behalf of Zipcash or NTTA, who informed me that the first $137.00 was due. I said that after I check this with Zipcash or NTTA, I’ll give you guys a call. When I called, they said that I had a violation, which cost $35.00, even though I hadn’t received any kind of violation in the mail. and another one I bought for $5.20 as well.
Then, when I inquired as to whether there were any additional tolls, the representative replied that we had sent two to collections and provided me with their phone number. I called them back, and the tolls had dropped in price from $158 to $147 after I made payment. I also have confirmation numbers for each of them, and the representative said that this has taken care of all of them.
On Tuesday morning, I received another letter from the Zipcash or NTTA-representing collection agency, which claimed that I owed over $280 and that she couldn’t even find evidence of any payments I had made. On Thursday, I receive a notice from Zipcash or NTTA in the mail that says I owe $245.32 but makes no mention of the payments I’ve already made.


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