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United Airlines Swindles Again

March 16, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

This is what I sent to the United Airlines
I was had to to wait until 24 hours before departure to check in and provide my Covid-related documentation online. I waited, and neither you app or website would allow me to enter it. It would only allow me to report a Covid test. This is third-world technology which wasted my time.

So I called your customer service number. (I am United Silver Premium.) On my first call, I was told the wait time was over one hour. I was on hold for TWO HOURS AND THIRTY MINUTES. I was not given a call back option. After 2:30, yYOU HUNG UP ON ME. That is NOT acceptable customer service unless the passenger is a cow and United Airlines is a bull. Yes, I got screwed.

So I called back. This time the reported wait was in excess of TWO HOURS. I am on hold.

Airlines are technology companies. If you don’t know that, then your management has their heads where the sun does not shine. Your technology sucks. I guess I will find out at the airport what will happen.

Reported to: pissedconsumer.com
United Airlines has crazy long waits for customer support even when they don’t claim a technology failure. In this case, their website did not allow me to do what it said I should do online.

United Airlines is chronically understaffed with long wait times under usual conditions. They offer under $15 a hour for entry level positions at their call centers, and they cannot hire enough people.

Anyone with a tiny bit of business acumen knows that raising pay will bring in needed workers. So United Airlines has a choice: raise entry-level pay to provide good customer service or be cheap and understaffed and screw its customers. United Airlines chooses to screw its customers. Actions have consequences. I have wasted more than three hours trying to speak to someone about a flight from Houston to Poland that departs early tomorrow morning. There is almost zero chance I will speak to someone on the phone tonight.

I need to sleep.

So, maybe I have everything I need, and their website just sucks beyond believe. Or, maybe I don’t have what I need and cannot find out how to address this before a 7:45 AM departure.

So, I will go the the Houston airport tomorrow morning with no sense of whether I will be allowed to fly as planned.

If that is the way you want to be treated by an airline, I strong recommend United Airlines, because they seem to have unlimited capacity to treat their customers poorly because they are so damn cheap.

If you think an intercontinental passenger with a silver-level status at an airline deserves better, than I recommend booking with an airline that is willing to have enough staff to handle its call volume, decent technology that doesn’t hang up on a customer after two and a half hours, and has a management that actually gives a damn about fixing this sort of problem which United Airlines has had for at least two years.

United Airlines is a half-assed operation with a cheap management. Loyal passengers deserve much better. United Airlines doesn’t give a damn about that.


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