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Poor communication, trust issues

December 17, 2020
2/5.00 reviews

Staff seem to have some issues about my level of care and with signing my work excuses but they never addressed those concerns with me they just kept wisphering and talking amoung themselves and givingme uncomfortable looks . The last gentleman that worked with me was just rude .I couldn’t seem to say anything right or answer questions to his satisfaction I was almost in tears that last day and I was stressed out enough already.So I let them know I wouldn’t be back.They should have talked to me about any concerns. and why they had the concerns and anything they weren’t okay with doing that should have been addressed first. I was completely honest about my situation and what was going on from the start and told them all I had was bad whiplash and extra family duties was making me have more back issues they never brought up any concerns but you could tell they were uncomfortable with helping me and especially with signing the excuses. I finally address the elephant in the room so to speak because they wouldn’t and we’ll let just say it didn’t go to well partly because they tried to act like they had no idea what I was talking about which made me more upset.If you not comfortable doing something you should say so and not just do it because you are making money then get angry because you won’t communicate your concerns which made things really uncomfortable for everyone. I wish things could have ended better because I needed all my treatments.


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