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Safeer Plaza – Excess Charges

March 16, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

I stayed in Safeer Plaza from 18th to 27th January. As per my booking receipt (Booked on Booking

Com and same are forwarded by Safeer plaza by official mail, on 5th January @1004 hrs) Suit basic charge for 9 nights 118.899 then 5% Municipal charge 5.945, 4% Tourism tax 4.756 total for 9 nights 129 OMR VAT was not included.

On arrival at your hotel, I offered to pay for my booking, at that time it was informed to me total will be 136 OMR (He referred my booking invoice from his folder at reception) that was the correct amount and reception told me to pay during check out.

Today morning during check out the bill was prepared for OMR 159.210, in this bill again Municipal tax and Tourism tax were added. On showing your mail you receptionist did not agree and was forced to pay the full amount, I could not argue as I have to catch a flight.

My concerns-

1. In my booking it was already indicated that the booking amount is included with Tourism and Municipal tax, How can again Tourism and Municipal tax be charged? See trail mail and attached payment receipt.

2. If the hotel made changes in the original invoice, why they didn’t communicate to me till billing time? In that case, I would have got time to resolve the issue?

I hope you understand the issue and proceed to refund the excess charge. Else I have to file a complaint and also use social media to highlight your fraud.

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