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Rummy gold complaint for unauthorised transactions

July 14, 2022
3/5.00 reviews

Rummy Gold- Started sending me updates messages even a pop-up that says update rummy gold. To be honest I was addicted to playing this game so I thought let’s give them 51 rupees so they will stop this irritating upgrade message and stop the shiny ads. But but but it’s the rummy gold app that hold my breath when i completed the update i received message that INR 1500 has been debited from my account for rummy gold. Isnt rummy gold allowed to buy subscription from my Google play account not directly by rummy gold ?
Secondly when they adverstise to upgrade the rummy gold account in inr 51 then how can they debit 1500 rs from my account. I check online for Rummy gold reviews and rummy gold complaints and to my surprise they refunded amount in other similar cases but in my case they dont even bother to look into reply me for this. I love this app but dont want to be cheated. So please marketing or whatever team at rummy gold please look into my request and refund.

I love your app so please dont treat me like this. If you see my account on play store you will see the old user I am. So please dont loose your user due to maybe glitch or whatever it was

sumangla-advitya is my email and registered account with you.

This is how you advertise

Rummy gold – About this game

Play Rummy (Indian Rummy) with Millions of Players from around the world real-time!

Easy to learn & play rummy

Invite friends & family
Download Now and get 2 Lakh Free Chips!
I dint got any free chips but paid my hard-earned money. My friends informed me Playing this game makes you angry because of how the cards are dealt, how quickly the game ends, and how quickly you lose chips. There is no way to select your game; if you have more chips, you can only play high stakes games, and playing high stakes games causes you to lose big, so you buy more chips.
Still I love playing it. I gave high stakes because for me it as a Life saver game in this home quarantine situation
All you bother to contact me was this lame reply
We understand you are frustrated, but, since the message isn’t clear about in what way you found the app to be cheating, we request you to kindly email us at rummygold@moonfroglabs for further assistance.
I sent you a message. emails and now no one reverts so what do you expect me to do forget that amount because for you that might be a small amount but not for me because that’s equal to what I earn per day and if I start spending my per day income on online games then god saves me from becoming a bankrupt. I hope you understand my situation and try to reach me rather then me chasing you for this refund. I wont sit back and relax until this is resolved.  I have decided this.


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